Updating your home? Consider using this classic stone…..

Marble has been an interior design staple for centuries, used everywhere from the interiors of India’s Taj Mahal to the pillars of the United States Supreme Court. Its popularity in domestic home design has made a resurgence as a design trend in homes all across Sydney. In short, you’re going to thank yourself for keeping that marble counter, just waiting for the day you decided to restore it.

The Wall Street Journal has identified marble as an important player in the Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2016, as part of a move towards finishes that emphasise the tactile pleasures of rounded edges. Touch is an essential element of design, and as a designer says in the above article, “who doesn’t love running their hands over the smooth rounded edges of a marble countertop?”

When it comes to local Australian trends, luxury lifestyle magazine Signature Luxury and Travel agree that marble is a top interior design trend for 2016, with marble counters in the bathroom and kitchen set to start making more appearances in interiors and stone coating and restoration to become more sought after.

The beauty of this trend is that it allows you to work with what you have, and if you are one of many Sydney homeowners who inherited worn or outdated marble counters in your home, this is your chance to update it for the current century. At Sydney Stone Restoration we’ve seen a definite uptick in people seeking advice on marble restoration – some of whom have suffered with damaged unattractive surfaces for years. There is a perception that because marble is a luxury surface repairing it will be very expensive. This is not true.


Stone restoration technology has come leaps and bounds since marble interiors were last in fashion, and with today’s technology marble stone restoration is both affordable and quick. An old and damaged stone or marble surface can have its chips, scratches and stains removed in a matter of hours and sealed to prevent further damage and the harsh edges can be polished down for a trendy, rounded finish.

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