Stones We Fix

We deal with restoration, repairs, cleaning, polishing of wide range of natural stones including


Marble is one of the stones we handle. It is very popular and can be used for flooring, bench tops, countertops and fireplaces. It is timeless and impressive. Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners on marble. It has specific cleaning requirements and is susceptible to staining.


Granite is used for kitchen bench tops and flooring. It is hard wearing and easy to clean. It is strong and durable but needs to be cared for professionally and maintained to keep its luster.


Limestone is great for flooring and is often used outdoors as well as indoors. It has a natural but neutral appearance and often has fossils and inclusions as part of the beauty. Limestone can be used as counter tops since it is heat resistant.Limestone is susceptible to acid damage and spills. Limestone surfaces must be sealed since they are extremely porous.


Terrazzo is a material used for flooring and walling.It is a composite or mixture of marble, granite, glass and other materials. It can be used on large scale flooring projects due to its high luster and elegance.


Travertine is a limestone that is really a sedimentary rock. It is used in building floors and paving patios. It is widely used and most travertine comes from Italy.


Concrete is fast becoming a countertop material. It is a composite made from many materials. It is used in architectural structures pavements, walls, floors and foundations. There are many other commercial and residential uses. You can use concrete in kitchens if it is sealed properly.


Sandstone is a rock made of sand and sedimentary rock. It is available in browns, blacks, pink, white, tan, red, and gray and yellow. It is elegant and durable and used in building and paving projects.


Basalt is an igneous rock that is formed from lava cooling. It is used in building blocks and decoration plus ground works.


Porcelain is a ceramic used for making artistic ware and decorations. It is available in hard paste, soft pate and bone china. Cleaning and restoring porcelain take professional techniques.

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