Stone Restoration for Granite and Marble in Castle Hill, Sydney

The true fact is that all kinds of stone are porous and great care is needed to keep safe the surface of the stone. Harsh chemicals damage the stone and its porous nature gives plenty to the liquids to absorb in it and react fully. These chemicals are in common use by everyone in shape of detergents, soap, shampoo and other cosmetic products. Some experts have regarded the perfume as fatal for the life of stone. Actually when liquids are checked on pH scale there is hardly such a liquid which is neutral in pH that is why foods and beverages are also acidic in nature due to presence of citric acid and other chemical used in them like preservatives. Alkaline nature is very harmful for the surface of stone because it starts the stone to crack. Special focus is required for cleaning the marble, granite or any other stone made floors. Many people take it so overwhelming and they get frustrated and do not pay any attention on stone restoration but in actual with little care it is very easy task which will take one to two hours only.

By following simple steps of stone restoration Castle Hill process you can restore your floor just like first day of installation. To keep the surface of marble or granite floor it is necessary to use an appropriate cleanser which is recommended by the experts. Such recommendatory products do not damage the surface of floor due to mild formulation and after completing the experiments these products gets approval of the experts. Use of such cleaner will not damage the surface of the marble floor and shine of the original stone. According to the experts these cleansers must be used with the help of pads and after applying them on the surface, pads must be used on the floor in circular motion to remove all stain and dirt. When you are sure that marble surface is clean and there is no part of surface where stains are existing and surface of the floor is ready to be washed, then use fresh water to rinse the whole floor. After making your floor dry use a proper sealer to lock the beauty of the stone. Application of sealer after cleaning the marble floor will cover the pores of the surface and your floor will not allow the dust and stains to stick on the surface.

Stone Restoration Sydney

Many people get confused and mix two different things like sealing and polishing of stone made floor. Sealer is applied to make the surface smooth by covering all pores and polish is applied to make the floor shine from everywhere. Sealer must be solvent based and it must possess the property of good and deep penetration. When you will apply sealer on your floor then let it to work for 2 hours. When you are sure that sealer has deeply penetrated then use special polish on your floor, which is suitable according to the nature of stone.

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