Know about the Detailed Stone Cleaning Process

To manifest the element of sophistication and a right level of distinction natural stone’s use has been increased for flooring. Not just floor walls and other areas in the building are also decorated with its tiles and floral work made by the experts. Close examine reveals that surface of the stone is not purely smooth as it is considered. All stones are mostly porous nature that is why according to the kind of stones and its pores size it becomes necessary to get the help from some professional stone restorer due to inevitable element of need for restoration due to use. Involvement of some professional stone cleaning and restoration expert is the best selection due to his vast knowledge and experience regarding the nature of stone, its processing and suitable method to clean it. A professional person not only works with due care but also saves the time which has significant impact on the business of organization.

Stone Cleaning SydneyComplete process of cleaning is based on different steps which are here in brief discussion to increase the familiarity with the process before getting started it. First step is inspection of the premises which is very important to decide the nature of stone and agreeing time and terms of the contract based on the quotation for this purpose. Before starting the restoration and cleaning of the stone made floor all walls and other furniture and furnishing are covered to keep them neat and clean throughout this process.

Then actually process starts with cleaning of dirt and solid particle from the upper surface of the floor which may cause further scratches due to friction. Here comes the stage when a pre-mixed cleaning solution is applied thoroughly on the all area of stone flooring. Selection of this solution is based on the nature of the stone and a minor fault in selecting wrong mix will surely damage the stone. After this rotary machines are used to clean the stone by agitating the floor from every corner and edge. Whole floor is rinse to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning. After making it dry, stone surface is polished and then sealer is used on it.

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