Some Precautionary Measures For Marble Tiles Restoration

Marble floors are certainly a fantastic choice of present era just because of its elegant designs and immense variety. Your home looks naturally beautiful and attractive to visitors with this kind of flooring. Now the ultimate question is how to keep your marble tiles stay shinny and stain-free. Some precautionary steps by the home owner are mandatory to keep marble tiles free from all sorts of substances and stains.  These precautionary steps are as follows:

Not Suitable For High Traffic Areas

Do not use marble tiles in those areas where high-traffic exists. However, option of glazed tiles seems so effective for this purpose. Glazed tiles although need regular cleaning but these are quite durable while compare them to ordinary tiles.

Wipe Away With Natural Liquid Fluids

Marble is sensitive to several kinds of substances particularly for acidic. Some little household substances like vinegar, ketchup, orange juices may result in dull and scratchy surface of marble tiles. These acidic substances should clear with great care and attention otherwise your tiles look damage and dull.

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Prevention From Tannic Liquids

Some other substances like tea, coffee, bear might result in dull and stained marble tiles. These sorts of stains should handle with extreme care. Numerous Marble Restoration experts Sydney suggest a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide liquid on the outer surface of tiles and then rub them gently and wipe up with a dry cloth.

Prevention From Oily Stains

Oily stains are normally found in kitchen floors. These stains are greasy enough and may cause slippery floors. That is why, it suggests by marble restoration experts to use a gentle household liquid detergent, scrub it gently on the surface of tiles and wipe up with the help of a soft dry cloth.

Prevention From Rusty Stains

Rusty stains may occur when some metallic items exist on marble floors. These stains are hard to remove. However, a simple household tip seems so effective for these stains. Mix lemon juice and salt in equal quantity. Apply this mixture gently on the surface of tiles, rub it with a soft sponge and then straight away wipe it up with a piece of cloth.

Diamond Sanding

Diamond sanding is an up-to-date technique for marble restoration. This technique usually applies for permanent maintenance of marble. However, you should make sure to hire a competent diamond sander otherwise it may leave scratchy sanding marks on tiles surface.

These above precautionary measures will definitely help you to keep your marble tiles shinny and elegant for a long time-span.

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