Polishing Part of Stone Restoration

No one can deny from the beauty of the floor made of marble and its reflective potential is obtained by polishing it on regular basis. Reflective floor provides the evidence of your living standard and your choice of cleanliness. Polishing of stone installed in your house can provide extra benefits which can be understood with the passage of time. First thing is durability of the stone, polish makes the stone reflective and clean and that is why less dust is found on the surface of the floor and your floor remains long lasting. Soiling happens when you leave your floor opened to contact with the dust and moisture and thick stains but if your marble floor is properly sealed and polished then soiling can be avoided. With the passage of time stone is also subjected to tear and wear and if your floor is unpolished then you will feel need of stone restoration after shorter intervals because normal usage and human activity on the floor makes the surface of the floor dull but polished floor can serve you in different way. Polished area of marble will restore the original color and bad effects of rubbing and resistance between the surfaces may leave minute scratches which can be eliminated easily.

Polish can provide natural restoration of stone color which might be absent when you apply a sealer on it. No doubt sealer covers the surface of the floor and dust does not get any space to enter in the pores but sealer makes the surface of the floor dull. Only polish is the best solution to make the floor shiny and attractive it also helps to remove minor scratches. Some experts prefer to apply sealer on the stone in order to save it from cracking but sealer should be applied when whole floor is cleaned and repaired. Polish can be applied after sealing the floor it enhances the durability and again restoration will be required after longer period of time.

Although you are not familiar and understand this whole process of stone restoration still you can take of your marble floor by hiring some professional stone restorer. Contract with professional will provide you exact estimate of the cost of the process and his way of working will guarantee that your floor will be cleaned and properly polished. In complete restoration process different kinds of solution are applied on the surface of the floor in order to remove stain and dust. After cleaning the whole floor, minor grinding with diamond pads is performed to remove the scratches and spots from the marble then a proper sealer which is suitable according to the nature of the stone is applied thoroughly. Again considering the type of marble installed in the building a suitable polish is applied on the floor. All dullness due to sealer vanishes and actual color of stone is restored. Both sealer and polish of the marble floor are necessary to keep your marble floor long lasting and beautiful.

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