Useful Steps For Marble Restoration in Sydney

Now days, marble flooring is in great trend. That is why, it is also important to take proper care of its elegance and shine. With passage of time, the outer surface of your tiles can become dull and scratchy; therefore, it is necessary to apply some useful measures so that it can stay elegant and stain-free for a longer time. It also increases market value of your home.

Marble restoration option is also there to make marble tiles shinny and free from all sort of damages. Here are some important steps for marble restoration purpose. These are:

Replace Old With New Ones

Replace all broken old tiles with new pieces. You have to follow a step by step procedure for this purpose. Firstly, take off grout on the outer surface of tiles using a knife of putty shape. Secondly, place the knife under the surface of marble tiles and try to lose them from the bottom. Thirdly, take off damaged marble tile and replace it with new ones.

Clean The Old Mortar

You have to get rid of all old mortar through cleaning the floor under damaged tiles you already take off. The usage of carbide blade seems so helpful in this regard. You have to use it with a 45 degree angle. All you need to do is to hold it tightly and then move the blade front and back. You can easily get rid of all old mortar in this way.

Marble Restoration & Repair

Get Rid Of Excessive Mortal

You have to place new marble tiles exactly match the surroundings of the inner floor. Just get rid of unnecessary mortar, place it with new ones and allow them to set for some time. It’ll surely work out for you.

Application Of New Grouts

Next step comes for application of new grouts. You have to take into consideration consistency level of new grouts and spread it in inner surfaces of floor with the help of a damp sponge. Let it try to set for almost 20 minutes. After its strong bounding, clean the outer surface with a soft sponge to get rid of all sorts of stains.

Application Of Sealant

A thin layer of Sealant substance should apply to prevent it from attack of fungi, bacteria and unwanted moisture.

Scratches Removal

Rubbing a cotton cloth in circular motion helps to reduce stains and damages.

Application Of Polish

Use a polishing pad for this purpose. Spread liquid fluid on surface of tiles and rub it gently on tiles surface.

Just follow these steps for ultimate beauty and restoration of tiles and you will definitely found them best.