Marble Restoration After Wear and Tear In Sydney

Marble installed on floor begins to crack after some period of time due to human activities on it and it is normal thing like tear and wear of other things like machinery. Marble is very susceptible to the external factors and its porous surface makes it so due to stain, pressure and sun light. Lifespan of stone is affected by these factors and if no attention will be given then it is possible that over time stone will get severe damage. Small damage if properly restored can save your floor from further cracking.

Marble Restoration SydneyCracking start from sub-floor because of air or instability of affixing grout give reason to the small pressure to crack marble tiles. Sub-floor directly contacts with main floor and cracking started from sub-floor comes to main floor in shorter time. Solution of this problem is to remove tiles and make the surface clear from the air bubbled grout previously applied and prepare fresh grout or any other fixture to fix the tile again. Unstable surface is also problem for tiles to keep level and bear pressure and weight. Before fixing the tiles it is necessary to clean the surface by using brush or vacuum cleaner. According to experts for resurfacing tar paper can also be used to make the surface smooth. According to surface paper must be used after cutting it according to the measurement. Grout must be used by applying thin coating to keep tiles in sequence and it is wrong practice to fix middle tile first. First of all tiles must be fixed on sides and in the last work must be done on middle tile.

Measurement of tiles must be taken carefully and before fixing them with grout, place them on surface to check whether they fit on the surface exactly or not. If tiles have been broken then the best way is to replace them with new one according to above mentioned method and if cracks are minor then no need of doing so. Epoxy glue can be used for such cracks. If after broken edges of tiles are not even then acetone must be used makes the edges smoother. Most of the time cracks are minor and there is no need of replacing the whole tile or chip. In such case you can also use marble sealer to make cracked surface smooth.

Concealing agents are also available in market and they are available in fine powder form. Use of such concealing agents help in concealing minor cracks. Before using powder epoxy glue is applied on cracked surface and then powder is applied to make the same color blend with the marble. Most of the time surface remains smooth but rubbing with soft cloth will evenly spread the powder in crevices. Regular swiping and washing of floor on regular intervals keep floor shiny and clean. Heavy articles must be avoided to be dragged on the marble surface. Acid, juices and vinegar must be avoided to contact with the stone, they are highly dangerous for marble.

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