Helpful Precautions While Cleaning and Restoring Natural Stone

With immense use of stone flooring different kinds of stone are also there for the selection which include granite purely natural stone, marble a traditional kind of stone beside these there is vast list of kinds on stone being used in stone flooring which consist of soapstone and also has the names of sandstone, limestone and quartzite. Whatever stone is selected for flooring problem occurs with its cleaning and restoration, which is performed to restore but causes more damage to the natural stones. Here are some useful tips to avoid these damages related to cleaning and restoration.

  • Mostly people use all type of cleaning products on the marble stone which is not healthy for the natural stone. Only that cleaner should be used if label and instructions specify that it is safe for natural stone according to type of stone you have.
  • Vinegar is fatal for the stone and should not be used for cleaning purpose as traditionally it was used after mixing with the water. Due to its acidic nature it harms the surface of the stone.
  • Commercially produced cleaner specifying the suitable statement for the type of stone is recommended after mixing with water.
  • To remove the stains from the surface powder cleanser or any other disinfectant material should be avoided as they are considered harsh in their cleaning process.
  • No delay should be there if orange juice, tomato sauce or yogurt contacts with floor, it should be wiped up immediately whether floor is sealed or not.
  • Use of floor wax and other shining liquid must be avoided as they destroy the natural beauty of the stone, best way to get your stone polished is to hire some professional which will do it professionally.
  • Poor quality sealer also harms the surface of the stone as it traps in different solid particles as well as dirt, so sealer must be of high quality for sealing the floor after cleaning.
  • Silicon carbide always scratches the surface of the granite even it is of richest and toughest quality so any pad made of it should not be used on the floor.

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